Mouthfuls of Goodness

Who doesn’t love a soft, steaming pork bun, crunchy spring roll or a melt in your mouth dumpling? Now, thanks to Dim Sum & Co’s readymade selections, you can enjoy the delights of Yum Cha at home with ease.

We have created a range of spring rolls, dumplings, buns and siu mei that is Australian owned and made, using fresh Australian ingredients. Best of all Dim Sum & Co products are quick frozen, meaning you can have them on hand for unexpected visitors or a healthy after school snack.

Dim Sum & Co are committed to delivering a healthy, hearty and delicious alternative to Asian fast food. Using Fresh Australian produce, no fillers and no MSG.

Dim Sum & Co really is your everyday answer to the perfect bite!!!!

Karen Lavecky

Karen Lavecky

Director & Founder

Karen Lavecky is best known for her love of Dim Sum and producing exceptional quality products to the Australian gourmet food industry.

After successfully launching her boutique range over 10 years ago and supplying some of the best known food outlets in Australia, Karen felt that it was time to bring her take of DIY Yum Cha to Australians everywhere.

Passionate about food and family, Karen believes that a meal at home is where you will find the heart of any family.

Dim Sum and Co.